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What makes me really happy and satisfied with IICT is always getting updated. So for instance IICT from when I first began there was one insurance provider. Then IICT did a lot of research and found one that was so much better and actually cost me less. So I have recommended IICT to other practitioners because they like me are so relived to find someone who will bridge that gap for them around getting comprehensive insurance. There’s also the membership that provides a lot of ongoing support and so I have recommended and will continue to recommend IICT because they are really unusual and so for someone in the so-called alternative healing arts they are a treasure.

Kaliana Raphael Rose

Rose of Raphael. Vibrational Healing and Essences

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I’m an eco psychologist and a psycho educator and it was quite difficult for me to actually find a professional body that recognized my modality and skills. So I felt fairly alone and professionally unsupported in my business. So as a member of IICT we were able to get our courses recognized. So we are now an official training provider and that’s given us extra credibility around the world and helps people to feel secure in the quality of our processes and practices and training programs. So that has been really beneficial. If you are a therapeutic professional especiially somebody who is on the cutting edge or is doing innovative work Iw ould highly recommend IICT to support you in your work and bringing your work into the world and to provide you with all of the professional services you need. They are really helpful and friendly and very organized, so I highly recommend them.

Dr. Eshana Bragg

The Joyality Project

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Hi. My name’s Samantha Sargent and before I joined IICT I was looking for a professional accreditation body that would recognize all the various disciplines and modalities that I had studied and been certified with and also trying to find an insurance company that would allow me to operate my business from home. So finding IICT was fantastic because they recognized the various modalities that I have under my belt, such as nutirtion and aura soma, access consciousness and skin therapy. Before going with IICT I didn’t have insurance so one of the biggest thing for me it gave me a really great peace of mind with going with IICT because they recognized all my accreditations and also provided me with a great insurance company that could then allow me to practice with ease and peace of mind. So the thing that I loved about IICT when I came across them was it was like a one-stop shop. They recognized all of the modalities that I’d studied so I didn’t have tp go through various different companies. It was just one, IICT, and they also made the process of getting an insurance company to insure my practice from home really easy. It just took all the headaches away from me. So if you’re considering trying to find a professional accreditation body I would highly recomment IICT because they just make it so easy and the people are really helpful. Whether it’s selecting all your different modalities or trying to find an insurance company, IICT is just the best because they make it so easy and doable.

Samantha Sargent

Be Genki

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